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What Have We Learned About Pluto?

The New York Times has a new interactive feature detailing the things that we’ve learned so far from the New Horizons Pluto mission. It includes a bunch of short videos and I think is basically summarizing the new Science papers that appeared yesterday. The papers include studies of the atmosphere, satellites, geology, and other properties of Pluto.

New Horizons Survives Pluto Encounter

New Horizons has reported back after its Pluto encounter, and it looks like everything was successful. It should start transmitting science data back soon, although it will take a long time for all the data to get back. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some of the initial results soon.

New Horizons to Pass By Pluto on Tuesday

The New Horizons probe is rapidly approaching Pluto, and will pass by the planet early Tuesday morning (in the US). Because of the distance, everything has to be automated since any signals from Earth will take hours to reach the probe. The most important data from the mission will be taken as the probe flies by the planet, but it will need to be slowly transmitted back over a pretty long period of time. The bandwidth for getting data across the solar system isn’t very good.