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Penn State and UNC Scandals Resurface

In other sports news, some college sports scandals are back in the news.

The NCAA announced that Penn State’s punishments for the Sandusky scandal are being ended early. Penn State will be allowed to participate in the postseason again and its full complement of scholarships will be restored. Needless to say, this decision has angered nearly everyone not affiliated with Penn State. To me, this seems like just the latest example of the NCAA going easy on one of its flagship programs. It’s being reported that thousands of students gathered to celebrate and called for the NCAA to overturn even symbolic punishments like wiping wins off the record books, showing that many people have learned nothing from the scandal. While current athletes and students had nothing to do with the scandal, the Sandusky case should be a textbook case of lack of institutional control. University officials and even major state political figures acted to protect the program for years, leading to a much bigger problem than there would have been had everything been properly reported and investigated when was first discovered. I actually would have liked to see the NCAA implement the “death penalty” against Penn State, but they’ve been afraid to do that to anyone for decades.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a new story on the ongoing mess at UNC Chapel Hill involving fake classes, possibly illiterate athletes, and a cover-up by university officials blaming the academic part of the school for what is clearly an athletics problem. Unfortunately, the story is behind the CHE’s paywall so you’ll have to get to a library or campus network with a subscription to access it.