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Now We Need a Cartoon Cinematic Universe

Supposedly WB is going to start a new cinematic universe based on Hanna Barbera cartoons. Because that’s something that so many people are waiting for. And no, this does not appear to be a joke. We can look forward to dark and gritty reboots (and lack of warm colors to emphasize how serious everything is) of all your favorite childhood cartoons. The first cartoon to fall victim to this new plan is Scooby Doo. The only good that could come out of that is maybe Scrappy Doo will need to die in order to set up the inevitable darkness and grittiness of the new universe. Plus, Batman and Superman are already controlled by WB so maybe we can get Justice League tie ins.


New Star Wars Trailer Out Today

The first teaser for the first standalone Star Wars movie was released today. It looks much better than I was expected, but I’m pretty skeptical about the plan to treat Star Wars movies like Marvel movies and release one or more every year. It might dilute the impact of the main series and might not fit in so well with the way the franchise has always been run.

Star Wars Premier Today

The new Star Wars movie is premiering today in most countries around the world. It’s actually getting very good reviews (90+% on Rotten Tomatoes). It was only a few¬†years ago that the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney happened and it was unexpectedly announced that a sequel trilogy would be made, after many years of Lucas insisting that not only was that not happening but also that it was never meant to happen anyway.


Happy Back to the Future Day

Today is the day that Marty McFly is supposed to arrive from the 80s to find a world full of hoverboards, the Cubs winning the World Series, and a man with ridiculous hair in charge of the country. Too bad none of things are likely to happen any time soon.


New Star Wars Trailer Out!

The trailer for the new Star Wars trailer is out now. You can find it on Youtube here. My judgment is: it looks amazing. As a trailer, it is one of the best I’ve seen in recent years for this kind of movie. It give a brief glimpse at the main characters, so we get a bit of a feel for who they are. There are some action scenes, which seem to have nearly-completed special effects (rushed effects jobs for trailers seem to be quite common now). There are also just small hints at the story, so we actually learn very little about the plot (unlike, for example, Prometheus).


New Star Wars Trailer Coming Tomorrow

It’s been announced that the first full trailer for the new Star Wars movie is going to be shown tomorrow night. The official poster was also just released, so I’m sure many people are getting very excited for the new movie (with less George Lucas and hopefully much better writing).


Now There Are Extended Editions of the Hobbit Movies

Because apparently we need even more footage. Clearly, a fairly short children’s book deserves to be turned into an R-rated nine hour epic. I’m sure that’s exactly what Tolkien would have envisioned if he wanted to make movies of his works.