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Stephen Colbert Shall Live Forever

Or, at least his character will. The Colbert Report ended last night in an episode with an absurd number of cameos from celebrities, media figures and politicians. Instead of killing off Stephen Colbert (with a silent t) as many expected, Colbert vanquished Death, attaining immortality in a scene that looked like an amalgam of the Seventh Seal, He-Man, and Highlander. Interestingly, the credits ran with Neutral Milk Hotel’s Holland, 1945 playing in the background instead of the usual music, a fact that many stories have discussed today. Colbert (now actually playing himself and not Stephen Colbert the character) will go on to take over the Late Show. We can only assume that he’ll do a much better job than Letterman.


2014 Ig Nobel Prizes Awarded

Last week, the 2014 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded at Harvard.

The physics prize went to a scientist studying the friction of banana peels to see if bananas really are slippery enough to trip us. Obviously, this is important to validate the physics of Mario Kart.

A coupleĀ other examples:

The economics prize went to the Italian government for discovering how to inflate its GDP by counting illicit trade like drugs and prostitution.

The medicine prize went to some people testing the efficacy of treating severe nosebleeds by packing the nose with bacon.