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New Microsoft Twitter Bot Backfires

Microsoft attempted to release a new interactive Twitter bot that would try to have conversations with people. To no one’s surprise, Twitter users quickly figured out how to get it to say lots of horrible things. You would think that they would have expected this and would have tried harder to find some way to keep it from saying anything too offensive.


New Cards Against Humanity Science Set

There is a new Cards Against Humanity science expansion set that has just been released. While Cards Against Humanity is mostly known for being a wildly offensive version of Apples to Apples, this expansion is actually for a good cause. The proceeds will be used to fund undergraduate scholarships for women interested in the so-called STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Jon Stewart to Step Down From the Daily Show

Comedy Central has announced that Jon Stewart will be stepping down from the Daily Show after hosting the show for many years. With Stephen Colbert also ending his show, this means that the two most prominent satirical news personalities and also probably the two most important comedians at Comedy Central will have left at nearly the same time. This will almost certainly be a major blow to Comedy Central, assuming Stewart doesn’t just switch to a new show on the same network.

It seems that it will still be at least a few months before Stewart leaves. Once that happens, the reports say that Comedy Central plans to keep the show going. Unlike the Colbert Report, the Daily Show will likely continue. While Jon Stewart was on the show for well over a decade, he wasn’t the first person to lead it and, it seems, won’t be the last.