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Colbert & Brian Greene Discuss Gravitational Waves

Yesterday, Columbia professor Brian Greene was on Colbert’s show to talk about gravitational waves. Greene gives some nice explanations for laymen (with graphics!) about gravitational waves in general and about LIGO. He even brings out a Michelson interferometer to demonstrate how the LIGO setup works (though not with gravitational waves). Since Greene is a theorist, I would assume that someone else had to set up the interferometer for it to actually show some sensible results. You can find the video on Youtube here.

Stephen Colbert Shall Live Forever

Or, at least his character will. The Colbert Report ended last night in an episode with an absurd number of cameos from celebrities, media figures and politicians. Instead of killing off Stephen Colbert (with a silent t) as many expected, Colbert vanquished Death, attaining immortality in a scene that looked like an amalgam of the Seventh Seal, He-Man, and Highlander. Interestingly, the credits ran with Neutral Milk Hotel’s Holland, 1945 playing in the background instead of the usual music, a fact that many stories have discussed today. Colbert (now actually playing himself and not Stephen Colbert the character) will go on to take over the Late Show. We can only assume that he’ll do a much better job than Letterman.