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Norway Pulls Out of Olympic Bidding

It looks like Oslo has now ended its bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics due to opposition to the plan by much of the population and the government. The main objections seem to be the exorbitant cost of running the Olympics and the increasingly ridiculous demands of the IOC. This leaves Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan as the sole remaining bids, which leaves the IOC with an interesting choice. It’s not clear if Kazakhstan is really capable of successfully holding the Olympics while Beijing reportedly does not have a great location or climate for the winter games. Now that Beijing is the only bid left that is definitely viable (though not ideal), I wonder if the Chinese government will use that as leverage to reign in the usual excesses of the IOC.


New Dark Matter Result from PandaX

The PandaX group has released their first dark matter result, which can be found here. PandaX is a dual-phase liquid xenon detector, similar to XENON-100 and LUX. The actual result is not particularly interesting, but PandaX is an interesting experiment because it is one of the first particle physics experiments to be hosted in China. The collaboration is mostly from China but includes a few people from institutions in the US.