Physics for Non-Physicists

Here is a page compiling various posts  for non-physicists on physics topics. I’m just getting started with this site, so I’ve put in a bunch of topics I’d like to cover to start with. I will add more topics as I think of things.

Also just a disclaimer: These are largely meant to be brief explanations for non-experts. I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% correct so this is not meant to be a replacement for a textbook if you really want to learn a subject properly.

Basic Concepts in Particle Physics & Astrophysics

  1. Cross Sections
  2. Decay Widths
  3. History of the Universe Part I: Basics
  4. History of the Universe Part II: The Evolution of the Universe
  5. History of the Universe Part III: Thermal History

Dark Matter

  1. Dark Matter Evidence: Galactic Clusters
  2. Dark Matter Evidence: Galactic Rotation Curves
  3. Dark Matter Evidence: Lensing
  4. Indirect Evidence for Dark Matter
  5. On the Density of Dark Matter
  6. On the Properties of Dark Matter
  7. Dark Matter Candidates: WIMPs
  8. Dark Matter Candidates: MACHOs
  9. Dark Matter Candidates: Axions
  10. Dark Matter Candidates: Other
  11. WIMP Interactions with Matter
  12. Direct Detection
  13. Indirect Detection
  14. Collider Searches
  15. Two Phase LXe TPCs
  16. Cryogenic Germanium Detectors


  1. What Are Neutrinos?
  2. How Many Neutrinos Are There?
  3. Neutrino Oscillations, or, Do Neutrinos Have Mass?
  4. Neutrino Mass Experiments
  5. Neutrino Detection
  6. Reactor Oscillation Experiments
  7. Short Baseline Accelerator Experiments
  8. Long Baseline Accelerator Experiments
  9. Solar Neutrinos
  10. Supernova 1987A
  11. Cosmic Ray Neutrinos

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Exploring the dark side of physics: dark matter, neutrinos, and other stuff we can't see.

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