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Donald Trump Now Running Unopposed

Cruz and Kasich have now both suspended their campaigns, leaving Trump as the sole contender for the Republican nomination. That still isn’t stopping people from trying to figure out how to nominate someone else, but the chances of that are looking pretty grim right now.

Trump Cons the Whole Country

After winning a couple more primaries earlier this week, Trump used his victory speech as an opportunity to plug various Trump-branded products. That is already one of the most bizarre things to happen in a presidential race since I can remember. It’s already been pointed out various times that many presidential campaigns seem to be little more than vanity projects meant to drum up support for a new book or a sinecure at a partisan think tank. But, what makes┬áthis even worse is that most of the products either aren’t owned by Trump or don’t actually exist anymore.

Colorado to Bring Back Primaries?

After the caucus fiasco on Tuesday, it looks like there’s now a lot of support in Colorado to bring back presidential primary elections. Democrats’ turnout was too big and not everyone really got to participate, while the Republicans didn’t even bother voting on candidates. Many have pointed out that the whole process is hugely undemocratic, and primaries could help ameliorate the worst problems of caucuses.

Antonin Scalia Dies

US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died yesterday, which is one of the most important political stories of the year. With about a year left in Obama’s term, this potentially has a major effect on the upcoming election. Obama has already had two Supreme Court appointments, so a third would mean that Obama will have gotten to appoint three of the nine justices.

Boehner to Resign

In an unexpected turn of events, John Boehner has announced that he is going to resign from Congress next month. I don’t think it’s entirely clear yet why he’s doing this now rather than just retiring after his term is up, but it’s sure to cause some interesting machinations as the House looks for a new Speaker.