Evidence for a New Planet?

In one of the most surprising recent science stories, some astronomers have announced that they may have found some evidence for an unknown large planet (possibly much larger than Earth) far beyond the orbit of Pluto. They studied the orbits of a number of objects in the solar system and found some unusual features that might be explained by a new planet. Of course, there’s still a chance that this is just a coincidence and nothing too strange is going on, but it’s an interesting hypothesis. In fact, such studies have been used in the past to predict new celestial objects, so this isn’t unprecedented. I’ve been told that the scientists involved are generally very serious people and so this does not seem to be a hoax and the work involved shouldn’t have any serious mistakes. But, we can’t start saying that there is definitely a new planet until we actually find it. Given the huge distances involved, it might take quite a while to find the planet if it really exists.


One thought on “Evidence for a New Planet?”

  1. Given the field of view of the telescopes capable of looking for it (like looking at the horizon through a straw) and the search area – because nobody knows where the hypothesised planet is on its assumed orbit – the search may take some time. And possibly draw a blank. But totally worth doing anyway, of course.

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