Improved CDMS WIMP Search Paper

The CDMS collaboration has put out a new paper presenting improved limits for their WIMP searches. CDMS is a dark matter experiment using cryogenic semiconductor detectors to search for low energy WIMP-nucleus interactions. They primarily use germanium as the detector material but also have some silicon detectors. The CDMS-II phase of CDMS, which is what this paper deals with, is located at the Soudan mine in Minnesota. They had apparently noticed that one of the events in the signal region in previous analyses looked a little odd and so decided to try to run a new (and hopefully improved) analysis to see what would happen. The result (actually the results of several alternative analyses) do show improvement (even a factor of two in some places). While people have to be careful reanalyzing old data, the CDMS group tried to do this in a way that was as unbiased as possible. At the very least, this suggests that there is plenty of room for improvement in future analyses.