New CMS Search for a Beyond the Standard Model Higgs

The CMS collaboration posted a preprint for a search for a beyond the Standard Model Higgs boson decaying into pairs of intermediate vector bosons (Ws and Zs). In many common extensions of the Standard Model, such as in the MSSM (Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model), there is an expanded Higgs sector that includes a number of scalar and pseudoscalar Higgs bosons. The extra Higgs bosons can have electric charges (and can even be doubly-charged).

This search looks for neutral Higgs bosons with masses that are quite a bit higher than the Higgs found a couple years ago. The analysis looks at several final states from Higgs decays to WW and ZZ, such as ZZ to four charged leptons. As usual, the general feature expected from a new particle is a bump in the invariant mass spectrum compared to the Standard Model prediction. The results are consistent with the Standard Model, so they set a limit on the cross section for these events, and can exclude a heavy Higgs up to around a 1 TeV mass (obviously this requires some assumptions on the couplings to other particles, so this isn’t a general exclusion for all scalar particles).