New Search for Dark Matter in the Sun

The SuperKamiokande collaboration put out a new paper a few days ago on a search for evidence of annihilation of dark matter in the sun. They look for dark matter annihilation to different channels, such as b quarks, tau leptons and W bosons, which then decay to final states including neutrinos. Different channels are allowed depending on the mass of the WIMPs (the WIMPs, which don’t have much kinetic energy, at least need to be lighter than the resulting particles (1.8 GeV for taus, 4.xx GeV for bottom quarks and 80.4 GeV for W bosons). The analysis looks for evidence of the resulting neutrino spectrum originating from the sun (being neutral particles, neutrinos aren’t affected by Earth’s magnetic field, so the original direction can be reconstructed quite accurately). They find no evidence of WIMP annihilation and thus set limits on its cross section. The limits are very competitive with direct detection experiments in the spin-dependent cross section limits and are good at very low masses in the spin-independent cross section limits.