Overview of Science Activities at Homestake

A conference proceeding giving an overview of current and some future science activities at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in the Homestake Mine in South Dakota appeared today on the arXiv.. The lab, located in the Black Hills in southwest South Dakota, is the same site used by Ray Davis in his solar neutrino experiment in the 60s, which provided some of the first evidence for neutrino oscillations.

The most notable current occupant of the site is the LUX dark matter experiment, a two-phase liquid xenon time projection chamber experiment looking for WIMP interactions on xenon. The future LZ (LUX/ZEPLIN) multi-ton scale dark matter experiment – more or less a bigger version of LUX) is also planned for the site, as is the far detector for LBNE, which is planned to be the next-generation accelerator-based long-baseline neutrino experiment.