USOC Picks Boston for the US 2024 Olympics Bid

Earlier today, the US Olympic Committee chose Boston as the site for the US bid for the 2024 summer Olympics. The US hasn’t hosted the summer games since Atlanta in 1996.

I haven’t read much about the proposal for Boston, but it looks like the bid focuses on using mostly existing venues to minimize the typically exorbitant construction costs for such a big event. One proposal apparently on the table is to build a temporary stadium in the city, which would avoid some of the pitfalls of the disastrous New York bid for the 2012 Olympics. There is no viable stadium in or near Boston for the opening and closing ceremonies (Gillette is most of the way to Providence), but there would certainly be enormous opposition to a permanent large stadium that no one particularly wants or needs. The New York 2012 bid would have involved building a new Jets stadium on the west side of Manhattan near the Javits Center, which most people recognized as a terrible idea. A temporary stadium in the middle of Boston is an interesting idea to make the proposal much cheaper while avoiding making unnecessary changes to city infrastructure.

It remains to be seen whether or not the IOC picks the US bid. We haven’t had the summer games in a while, but people in the US (and most of the West in general) are growing less and less tolerant of the corruption and absurd demands of the IOC and the excessive costs of hosting events like the Olympics.