US To Restart Relations with Cuba

In a huge and unexpected story today, it was announced that the US and Cuba will resume diplomatic relations for the first time in over 50 years. This is quite possibly the biggest story in the Caribbean region since I was born. While easing restrictions on Cuba is not really that unexpected, the timing is. The negotiations were held in secret, so people are only finding out about everything today. This also comes along with the US and Cuba swapping some prisoners and Cuba releasing some political prisoners. The embargo is still in place, but many travel restrictions are being eased and embassies will reopen in the next few months. Congress has to end the embargo since that’s controlled by legislation, but the embargo doesn’t seem to be very popular in the US anyway. It’s failed to do any good for decades so ending the embargo can’t really be any less effective than keeping it. With this, the US now has diplomatic relations with all but four countries (according to Wikipedia).