Cosmology Interview in the New York Times

The New York Times has a short interview with a cosmologist in its Op-Talk blog. They ask a few questions about what to expect to see in the future – both the near-term future of science projects and the long-term ultimate fate of the universe – as well as a couple random other questions. The cosmologist sees things like SDSS and LIGO as being some of the most important ongoing projects for cosmology. A measurement¬†of gravitational waves by LIGO would indeed be a huge discovery as it would confirm an important prediction of general relativity. He’s also in the camp that the universe will likely continue to accelerate, eventually causing the horizon to shrink and for us (well, the area of the universe that we reside in now¬†since we’ll be long gone) to become isolated from the rest of the currently visible universe. Of course, until we understand dark energy, this prediction could always change.