Problems at ESPN Over Evolution?

So former Red Sox pitcher/failed wannabe videogame mogul Curt Schilling has apparently been spewing a bunch of ignorant nonsense over Twitter in recent days, mostly involving attacking evolution. Schilling is currently one of ESPN’s many famous former players on the payroll to provide on air commentary once in a while. One of the networks actual commentators and journalists, Keith Law, responded with a series of tweets answering some of Schilling’s inane questions that supposedly should stump supporters of evolution. As a result, the Lawhas been ordered off Twitter for a few days. ESPN has been quite evasive over the official reason for this (they say that it’s not about his opinions), but the timing suggests that the suspension is for embarrassing Schilling in public. Unlike Schilling, Law is employed to provide actual content, so we would hope that the network would give him the benefit of the doubt over this. He kept his tweets much more factual and respectful than Schilling’s.