MIT Football Undefeated

In stark contrast to Columbia’s historically awful last couple seasons, MIT football is undefeated in regular season play and now in the NCAA Division III tournament. Their first round game is going on right now. This is not a joke. MIT really does have a football team and really is undefeated.

MIT plays in the New England Football Conference and in NEWMAC for most other sports. Going undefeated is quite the feat for MIT. Division III, if you don’t know, does not allow for athletic scholarships unlike Divisions I and II. The Ivy League is Division I but operates under rules similar to Division III due to a special rule in the D-I membership guidelines, with no scholarships and major recruiting restrictions (as well as very limited academic support for athletes compared to the rest of D-I). Even Columbia would probably beat nearly any D-III school at football or basketball but wouldn’t be expected to be competitive with anyone in D-I outside the Ivy League and maybe the Patriot League.

An update:

MIT actually won their first round game to reach the round of 8.