More On Columbia Football

The Washington Post now has a short article on Columbia’s losing streak, which is now up to 20 games. It goes over the general context of both Ivy and Columbia football. Note that this isn’t Columbia’s worst losing streak. That happened in the mid-1980s and reached 44 games, which has only been surpassed by Prairie View A&M. Some people who were around then claim that the team actually looks worse than it did during the 80s. Right now, it looks like they’ll go 0-10 for the second year in a row unless they manage a huge upset against Brown next week. Brown isn’t even that good but any win is a huge upset at this point. The best chance of breaking this streak might be to start scheduling only the worst teams for the 3 non-conference games. At least when I was there, the team would be competitive in most games even if it rarely won in the end.