Ivy League Football in the National Media

The FiveThirtyEight blog, which has now moved to ESPN from the New York Times, has a post where people actually write about Ivy football. Unfortunately, it’s not positive.

Today is the day where last place in the Ivy League will be decided, with Cornell coming to Inwood to play Columbia at Baker Field. Columbia, as usual, is having a terrible season and might just be the worst team in all of Division I (although the Ivies operate using something more like Division III rules they are actually D-I). Cornell is doing similarly badly this season and both are 0-8 right now. The game has already started, but since Columbia never sells out, there’s plenty of time to take the 1 train up to 215th Street to see some of this years’ worst college football.

Update: It was a hard-fought battle, but Columbia has seized sole control over last place.