New IceCube Oscillations Result

IceCube has a new preprint out today on a measurement of the neutrino oscillation parameters \Delta m^2_{32} and \sin^2\theta_{23}. While IceCube’s main goal is to study very high energy cosmic ray neutrinos, it is also able to measure atmospheric neutrinos, created in showers from cosmic rays interacting with the atmosphere. To search for oscillations of atmospheric neutrinos, an experiment typically looks for the disappearance of muon neutrinos (i.e. look for fewer muon neutrinos than expected in a model without oscillations compared to other flavors).

IceCube gets results consistent with other measurements. While IceCube is not the most precise experiment for these parameters and thus won’t have much of an effect on the global average, it is interesting that it is now approximately as precise as some dedicated neutrino oscillation experiments.