The End of the Roseland Ballroom

Looks like the Roseland Ballroom is finally being demolished to make way for a new building. It was a pretty good venue for concerts but was in a location that was too good to stay around forever. It’s still sad to see another old venue go. I don’t think there are many venues left in Manhattan that can accommodate as many people as Roseland. Soon Disney will probably control almost all the performance venues in the theater district.


Salon on Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life

Salon has an interesting article reposted from Scientific American on whether or not we’ll ever find intelligent extraterrestrial life. It actually gives what seems like a reasonable argument, which is surprising given the amount of pseudoscience attached to anything involving aliens.

Unfortunately, the author’s view is not very satisfying. A few decades from now it’s likely that we won’t know any more than we do now. We can now find other planets, but even if they have intelligent life there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever find it. We don’t even have a good way to estimate how likely it is that such life exists or whether we’ll find it assuming it exists at all. Whether or not intelligent life outside Earth exists will probably remain a philosophical question for the foreseeable future.