The Discovery Channel Continues Its Long, Sad Decline

In other TV news (though this is about a week old):

In a sign of the continuing decline of educational programming on basic cable, the Discovery Channel created another fake documentary about Megalodon sharks surviving to the present day for this year’s shark week. Megalodons have been extinct for millions of years so this was in no way educational.

It actually wasn’t that long ago when the Discovery Channel was mostly educational programming about science. Channels like Discovery, the History Channel, Animal Planet, and even TLC provided a great deal of educational programming that was also very appealing to children, getting them interested in these sorts of things too. There were always some programs about ridiculous topics like UFOs and conspiracy theories (though good programs on these debunking these and teaching people how to think critically about such topics are certainly possible and probably even useful to make).

It’s unfortunate that these channels – the main educational channels on basic cable – have declined so much. They’ve been mostly indistinguishable from any other channel for a number of years – airing mostly reality shows and cheap documentaries (real or otherwise)/.