Charts: Where US Residents Were Born

The New York Times has a nice interactive page letting you see where people living in each state were born as a function of time. You can see various migration trends, both immigration into the country and movement between states. One of the most prominent features you can see across many states is a large decrease in the fraction of immigrants starting during the Great Depression, with immigration only rebounding in the 90s and later. In some states, the fraction of immigrants never recovered.

Of places I’ve lived, I was surprised to see New York and Massachusetts tied for having the largest fraction of the population born instate at 63%. New York has far more immigrants than Mass, although California has the most overall. Other interesting things:

  • There are almost as many native Californians in Nevada as native Nevadans. There are also almost as many immigrants in Nevada as native Nevadans.
  • Louisiana has the highest percentage of people born in the state (79%) while Nevada has the lowest (25%)
  • The states seem pretty evenly split between having the fraction of people born-out-of-state increasing or decreasing.