Graphic on Deaths in the Iliad

Links to this comic on the Iliad* have been popping up around the internet over the past week. Among other things, it contains charts tallying various statistics about deaths in the Iliad (if you’ve never read it, the Iliad is exceedingly violent).

I found it very interesting, particularly because I’ve been rereading the Iliad for the first time in quite a while. Check it out if you’re interested in Greek mythology, epic poetry, or just literature in general.

*For anyone not aware, the Iliad is one of the two epics by Homer. The other is the Odyssey. The Iliad tells part of the story of the Trojan War, focusing on Achilles’s quarrel with Agamemnon and how he is convinced to reenter the war to avenge Patroclus’s death and fight Hector.