New T2K Electron Neutrino Paper

New on the arXiv today is a measurement of the inclusive charged-current electron neutrino cross section on carbon using the ND280 off-axis near detector. This is a flux-averaged cross section, so the measurement does not attempt to reconstruct the energy of the incoming neutrino but rather averages over the entire neutrino flux. The measurement is in agreement with both the NEUT and GENIE neutrino generators (i.e. interaction models).

The generic signal for these kinds of events is the presence of a high energy electron from the electron neutrino interacting with the detector via W exchange. An inclusive cross section allows for any number of hadrons and other particles in the final state.

This is the part of the experiment that I work on, although I wasn’t involved in this particular measurement since I’m still in my first year on the experiment. As usual, I’ll only be able to answer very general questions about things related to the paper since this is a personal rather than professional blog.