New T2K Cross Section Paper

Speaking of neutrinos, there is also a new measurement of the charged current inclusive cross section on hydrocarbon and iron using the T2K INGRID on-axis near detector.

Since I work on T2K (though I didn’t have any involvement on this paper), I won’t really give much commentary. Just a few things on what was actually measured:

  • The J-PARC neutrino beam, as with most accelerator-based beams, is largely muon neutrinos (νμ). This is largely because pions and kaons, the most common hadrons produced in hadronic showers, decay mainly to muons (and muon neutrinos) rather than electrons. They’re also not heavy enough to decay to taus. So, the measurement is a measurement of a νμ cross section.
  • The on-axis detector has a wider spectrum of neutrino energies than the off-axis detectors
  • A bit on terminology: “charged current” means that a muon was found in the event. “Inclusive” means that the analysis only cares that a muon was found. Whether or not other particles are found or not has no bearing on the selection.